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bret: oh -oh. that is it for "special report," the only place where you will get the whole story. we will see you back here tomorrow. shepard:ç çgood evening. from new york tonight, they are going at it. members of the president's own party, especially the pundits, standing against him like nothing we have seen since he took office. the issue, of course, health care. specifically, the government option. the democrats want it. the president promised it. tonight, from the white house, the message is moving, shifting, whether they want to admit it or not, and some, particularly from the left, are wondering if the president is giving in to centrists or republicans where it leads to launching a trial balloon ftc how people react.
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now, they note. president obama has repeatedly called for a public option, and he has said that any bill the he signs must include it. listen to this. >> this gives you some new options, and i believe one of these options needs to be a public option. shepard: but just this past weekend, he was not so clear. >> the public option, whether we have it or do not have it, will not be the entirety of health- care reform. this is just one sliver of it, one aspect of it. shepard: that was saturday. on sunday, his health secretary kathleen sebelius says it is not the essential element. liberal democrats took as a sign that the public or government- run option might be taken off of the table, and they are not pleased. senator arlen specter says he is not ready to write off a public
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option, and another person released açç statement that re, to faith without a public option, there will be no way to keep insurance companies on this or if their rates down." robert gibbs spoke today and said that while president obama prefers a public option, the president is willing to look at other ideas that provide insurance company eastpor compe. tonight, it appears there are not enough votes to pass a bill with a government-run plan and that there are not enough plans for a bill without one, now trying to strike a compromise. shannon bream is firing back from capitol hill tonight. shannon, this is turning into a real political divide. >> yes, all three bills contained in public option. other, more liberal democrats are stepping up to say if they stripped out, you get nothing,
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but there have been moderate said that come forward today that have said, "let's not kill the bill entirely." they need all of the votes crowded together to get it done. shepard: their art -- there are calls to change it, right? >> yes, the so-called blue dogs. one man said, quote, "i think that is an excellent idea. we might end up there." he has also admitted that that idea was floated among congressional leaders, so that might be a posaibility. shepard:ç some people are sayig that co-ops might be the middle ground, and what republicans or liberal dems before that? >> liberal democrats will see that as a sellout of the public option, and some have said that. today, republican senator john kyl said no matter what you call
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it, senator majority leader harry reid and talks about this to -- and max baucus -- jon kyl, and nothing more than a trojan horse. shepard: shannon bream, thanks. to afghanistan. the country is going forward with the election, and militants seem determined to disrupt it. a pair of attacks today. two mortars landed near the presidential palace. we are told the president hamid karzai was not hurt near that strike. hamanother seven people were killed and another attack. they are hoping to the polling places relatively safe for as many people as possible, but with a series of threats, taliban militants are making it clear that casting a vote means risking life and limb.
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greg reports live from kabul. >> we are just a little away from the voting. the taliban is sending out a g:t(q&y message. now&ere was that message more clear than in the eastern portion of the city of kabul. we were there shortly before a car bomb struck there. a suicide car bombers leaving at least one person killed, two u.n. employees killed, and is typical with these attacks, dozens and dozens of civilians killed and injured. now, protecting civilians and trying to head off these attacks on thursday, the job of the afghan police and the afghan army. the police moved around kabul. they are truly on the frontline of this war. the police commissioner admitting to me that there could be more incidents but that he and his men were up to the task, and in kabul today, senator john
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mccain of visiting as part of the congressional delegation, referring to the u.s. troops, which are clearing the taliban and the southern part of the country in advance of the elections, he says he once more. take a listen. >> it is very clear to me that more resources are needed in the form of additional troops as well as materiel, economic, and other support. >> the senator stated neutral on the topic of thursday's presidential election. president hamid karzai is seeking reelection. the latest polls show he may not clear the 50% barrier, but there might be a runoff electionç tht afghanistan might have to go time. shepard: greg palcot, live. we are watching the first hurricane of the season in the atlantic, and it is a big one, now about 300 miles wide, and
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looked at the eye of that storm, so well forms, so well defined. -- and look at that i. so well formed -- look at that eye. winds a to 110 m.p.h., and that makes it a category two, but they are forecasting hurricane bill will get stronger. it is threatening bermuda, and everyone is watching weather in heads in our direction. meteorologist dominica davis is live in our weather center. >> this storm is away on its way to becoming a major hurricane. if the winds and need to be 111 m.p.h., and that is what it needs to be a category 3 -- the winds need to be 111 miles per hour. water temperatures in the 80's,
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close to 90 degrees, so there is no reason why we will not see this strength as it continues its northwesterly track. high pressure plays aç role. çthis will help bill go into te atlantic, and is expected by this weekend to make this a northerly turn that will keep it in the ocean. at least, that is what we are thinking, and that would be the absolute best scenario. here is the truck coming in from the national hurricane center, and it has hurricane bill becoming a category four wednesday, into thursday, and then it could encounter some cooler waters as it goes through keypads and through the cape cod, , he and you can start to see some large ocean swells and possibly some ripcurrents across the beaches of the east coast. the forecast is looking better and better.
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shepard: veterans and mental health experts can tell you the stress of war does not end when the soldier leaves the battlefield. the family of one sergeant knows that. investigators say the veteran of iraq and afghanistan killed himself last month. data from the department of defense shows that the number of suicides has increased over the last few years, 115 in 2007, when hundred 33 in 2008, and so far this year through july, when hundreds 13 suicides in our military. there is something that is said
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to prevent the boards of the mental scars. what is the are doing to try to fix this, jennifer griffin? >> they are training 1500 sergeants to use an approach that was developed by dr. martin seligmann.from the university of pennsylvania. they like to call him dr. happy. what they found is that nearly 60% of those soldiers who suffer from posttraumatic stress syndrome -- the idea is you improve their mental and physical fitness, and you will avoid what is known as ptsd or posttraumatic stress disorder. shepard: how much of this is about, well, i do not know, positive thoughts? but it works. it is on a model that he built for middle school students. there is something else that makes this different. >> for the first time, people have cell phones, and they call
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home, and their white does not answer the telephone, and they think she is out having an affair, so it turns out that many of the anxiety/depression problems we have in afghanistan are not combat related, but they are related to what is going on on the home turf. >> this new kind of battlefield stress. shepard: jennifer griffin like that the pentagon. thanks. fox news is tracking h1n1, and they are speeding up the production of flu vaccines for the fall, when officials expect major outbreaks. we reported last night that the department of health and human services at expected 120 million doses to rise by the middle of october. not anymore. a major delayçç as decreased t to 45 million, so now, the government has been recruiting new factories to package that more quickly and is trying to boost production.
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the administration reports it still expects to get the same amount of the vaccine he but just on a longer schedule. well, hundreds of car runners and thought they were protected by side curtain airbags may be surprised to learn and that they are not at all. as it turns out, they have been removed. enterprise rent-a-car said in a kansas city newspaper that they ordered 66,000 chevy impalas without that safety feature and then after renting them out sold hundreds and hundreds of them in the used-car market, falsely claiming that they had them. how does enterprise explain that? >> well, as you said, they do admit to buying the cars without they said they made a mistake of trying to sell them without notifying the by years. they said in many cases they did not take the optional side airbags.
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however, when we marketed the scars on our car sales web site, software glitch caused us to describe them as having the air bags. when we found out, we immediately fix the problem on our website, and they said they are not the only company that buys fleet cars without these airbags. shepard: if somebody bought one, and they find out it does not have it, what can they do? >> the company is offering to buy back the car that were bought by unsuspecting customers, and they are willing to pay $750 above the blue book value. i should say that is not illegal to sell a car without a side impact air bag, but that will change next year when a new agreement is reached. çshepard:ç steve centanni. what a boyfriend said he heard
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on the telephone after somebody reportedly kidnapped a woman and drove away. plus, another tragedy at disney world. ñra worker there has died on the job. the details are stored away. -- are straight away. applebee's 2 for $20! real food at the right price! this is the primo stuff. one appetizer and two premium entrees. just twenty bucks-every day. genuine food. generous portions. genius price. 2 for $20! only at applebee's.
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shopping less and saving more. now, that's progressive. call or click today. shepard: well, walt disney outside ofç orlando had shut dn one of their shows tonight after the third worker we know of was killed this summer. 3-year-olda male performer -- a 30-year-old male was killed while practicing a show called "the indiana jones epic stunt
7:21 pm
spectacular." they issued this statement -- a monorail driver was previously killed, and another person died after hitting his head in an onstage fall. investigators say they are treating the three deaths as separate incidents. kristi conrwell, we are told, vanished, august 11, and we are told she was on the telephone talking with her boyfriend. investigators say they heard a on the telephone andç heard cornwell say, "do not take me." so far, no suspects at all. crews have been searching the area where they believe cornwell was taken near
7:22 pm
blairsville, georgia. they are still hoping to find her, but as one said, is the enemy. what is the latest on this investigation? >> as we speak, investigators are still going strong. they are doing everything they can to try to find kristi cornwell. we are about to see video of how hard they are working. they are pulling over cars, randomly, talking to people to see if they could jog their memory about what happened on tuesday when kristi disappeared. they found her cell phone off of the state roads, and they believe that whoever took her went towards north carolina or georgia. -- off of the state road. aç person who found it handled sp@t. so did the son, so there are
7:23 pm
other prints on it. there are looking for anything else that might have been discarded in that field. they also say that her bank accounts have not had any activity, but they are hopefully and hoping for somebody to see your picture. -- to see her picture. shepard: thank you. new information our administration is keeping. plus, the county fair. this is not just about corn dogs or those delicious deep-fried oreo's. fairs are getting a high-tech makeover.
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wake up ready for your day-ask your healthcare provider for 2-layer ambien cr. shepard: county fairs. they are classic americana. known as where grandma and grandpa's spent their summer days with cows and ferris wheels. now, fairs are getting makeovers, like adding things like text messaging contests. it is all about making county fairs cool for the next generation. ollie mackerel. he is live on something or other there. what is that -- holy mackerel. >>ç as you mmnuioned, they are doing whatever they can to bring in the teenaged crowd. cotton candy, corn dogs, all of the typical fare that you would
7:28 pm
find act f air buts, , the also have -- that you would find at fairs, but they also have text messaging contests. there is also a youtube competition, where they should videos and enter them. we saw this one generation ago when video arcades first showed up in fairs. this is the latest trends, and is working this summer, at least, it 20% increase of teenagers across the country at fairs, and the iphone competition is one of the favorites. so you can ride the rides, take pictures with your iphone, enter it, and you could win a blue
7:29 pm
ribbon. i do not know if this has to do with one of these pie eating contests. shepard: i think this is our first live shot from a ferris wheel. continue to break new ground, sir. thank you. i am shepard smith. you are on fox report hd. a controversial program that began to report rumors about health-care reform. they called it "flag," f-l-a-g, and email address that they asked people to use if they found anything fishyç about health care reform. as reported last night, that email address is gone. today, the white house press secretary himself had an answer. major garrett got the ball rolling, and he has this deny. >> a mistake, right -- and he
7:30 pm
has this report. i asked him why he got rid of it, and this is what he said. >> it was consolidated on real itycheck. if there is some warmer they are hearing, there is a mechanism to get the church -- if there is some rumor they are hearing. >> it was about collecting tr uths or myths. these often go through a chain emails or casual conversation. if you get an email or see something on the web at about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag@whitehouse.gove.
7:31 pm
. white house officials say both web addresses are covered by the presidential records act, and occupation 3 them will be preserved for future archiving reviews. -- and access to them will be preserved. >> they are trying to reach an audience that does not trust government, and you do not do that by collecting their emails. çç>> well, the white house is still collecting emails at, not just at flag. shepard: problems noticed in the housing market. it looks like the recovery is not coming as fast as we had hoped to and economists predicted there were 1% fewer
7:32 pm
new homes' ground breaking. why the pullback? sandra smith should know. she is from the fox business network. >> while the headline number was a disappointment, showing a drop in total new construction during the month of july, take a look. it was weighed down by construction of multifamily dwellings, and that is apartment buildings. you'll see single-family homes actually went higher, and that has been steadily increasing since march, and that is a real sign of stabilization. shepard: whether or not they think the housing market has turned a corner. >> the majority of economists do think the housing market has hit a bottom, but growth in the housing market is not exactly
7:33 pm
expected to contribute to gdp until next year. why? that is because the housing market hit such a low, and rebounding from that, just to give you a quick scope on that, still single-family housing starts are down over 7% from their peak in 2005, so there is still a long way to go, but there is stabilization. shepard: everybody was building two houses each. thank you. the government's cash for clunkers program -- down 70% fromç their peak in 2005. they say edgy and they are boosting production just to keep up with demand. gm reported it will turn out an additional 60,000 vehicles before the end of the year. says it is bringing more than 1300 of them back to work, and gm is not alone. ford and others have said they
7:34 pm
are boosting production because of cash for clunkers. used cars, not so much, but new cars are doing better. her husband called his mistress his soul mate, but still wanting to repair the marriage. now, the love gov, as the new york tabloids put it, is speaking out. and brett favre, he retired, and then he un-retired. does he let happy to you? >> he should. he is back. shepard: he is back. and wait until you hear about the website. hang on. and it's like adding the ultimate button to your dishwasher. because it has the power to pre-wash... dissolve... and rinse the whole mess away. so in the morning your dishes will feel like new again. and so will you.
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shepard: well, the wife of the lovestruck governor says her husband is a obsessed with an addicted to the argentinian woman he took as investors. it is just one of the candid revelations of ms. sandford, eversons governor mark sanford
7:38 pm
publicly announced his affair. you will remember governor sandford went missing four days, and doubling staff he went hiking on the appalachian trail. the truth is, he was in argentina, visiting the woman he called his soul mates, and now, his wife says that her husband needs to deal with some, quote, issues. jonathan hunt is here. what a horrible thing for his children and his family. >> really, it is dreadful, but it makes some very interesting reading. his wife dealing with his legacy and his lover and on how she is coping in the wake of that extraordinary announcement by the governor. she already knew about her husband's latin love affair before he announced it to the world. she already dealt with the initial shock. "it never occurred to me that he would do something like that," mrs. sandford told it to invoke"
7:39 pm
magazine. -- mrs. sandford told "vogue" magazine. "he is always searching for something else, something bigger." so what does mrs. sandford make of the woman herç husband described ãais folate? "none of us are perfect," says mrs. sandford. "we are all trying to do the best we can. i also feel sorry for the other woman. i am sure she is a fine person." forgiveness is a common theme. she says that is part of for christian faith, but unlike others suffered indignities, hillary clinton and elizabeth edwards, wife of the philandering former presidential candidate john edwards, she is not standing by her man. she kicked him out of the family
7:40 pm
home and said that forgiveness is one thing but reconciliation is something else. "now, i think is up to my husband to do these soul- searching to see if he wants to stay married. the ball is in his court." they said they would have no comment on the "vogue" magazine article. we can only assume that he is working on for filling that gracious promise he gave to try to fall back in love with his wife. shepard: jonathan hunt, thank you. president clinton got to check out his old stomping ground when he went back to the white house today. we are told he spoke with president obama for some 40 minutes, and foreman of debriefing, of sorts, where the president describes what happened during his visit to north korea. you will remember that president clinton went to p'yongyang-to try to secure the release of two
7:41 pm
journalists, and they were talking about the health problems of kim jong-il. no word on what the president said, but it must have been interesting, because the white house reported that after their situation brings it down, he was invited back to the knoblauch this for another half an hour. well, the man convicted of of the lockerbie bombingç has made closer toç being in an area closer to home. they are deciding whether al- megrahi would have his sentence changed. they are determining whether to keep the terminally ill man in jail there, and transfer him to libya, or release them, on grounds of compassion greenhill he was convicted for his part in the bombing -- or release him on grounds of compassion.
7:42 pm
he was convicted for his part in the bombing. others say the former libyan agents should stay exactly where he is. most of the over 200 people killed in that bombing more americans. we have learned more about that ship that went missing. tonight, the freighter was, indeed, hijack, and the hijackers were still on it when the russian navy found it. the ship was called the arctic sea. he turned up off of the west coast of africa. they say the 15 russian carmakers were just fine along with eight hijackers. according to some experts, the real mystery is why the hijackers targeted to the arctic sea in the first place. we are told the official cargo of lumber was not worth very much, and they say that iss not even worth the effort of taking the ship, he and many suggested may have been smuggling some sort of materials and possibly
7:43 pm
cocaine. italy is in the grips of a heatwave, with the temperature in rome near 100 degrees, he our top story on our foxtrot around the world in 80 seconds. italy, emergency workers handing up bottles of water while locals are trying to cool off in the city's fountains. ççthe hot weather is expectedo continue for the rest of the week. russia, prime minister vladimir putin opening the most important air show, coming just two days after the commander was killed and acrobatic squadron during a crash. they have a huge aerospace industry, and they said that russian airlines prefer to buy american and european aircraft. romania, 300 police officers in bucharest protesting unpaid overtime and wage cuts. cops say they have to pay for their own gasoline on the job. they also say staffing cutbacks
7:44 pm
are undermining public safety. israel, a college student has started a twitter service relaying prayers. he points them out, puts them on pieces of paper, and puts them in the wall in jerusalem. >> it is my duty to provide them. shepard: so far, he says he has gotten more than 1000 messages, and that is a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. fans there booed him for 16 bidders seasons, but today, the tables turned in a big way. brett favre coming out of retirement for the second time in as many years. wow. they must be killing themselves in green bay. they welcome to their former arch nemesis.
7:45 pm
as you know, he used to play for the packers, the sworn enemies of the purple people eaters. moments ago, he spoke to that. >>;háhe bottom line is footbal. once you step into the huddle, i do not look at the helmets. i look at the faces. this is not about revenge or anything like that, believe me. shepard: his fans may not be sharing his rosy outlook. >> brett favre seems to becoming the nfl's version of cher. he just does not seem to go away. shepard: favre does not hold a super bowl ring but just about every major nfl record. we are told he will have to fight for a starting position, just like everyone else does, and already, the vikings website is loaded up with all things
7:46 pm
favre. and replica jersey, see it there, the purple four? that is $80 for the guys, but the girl's version is $69. $69. how strange. new accusations now about what kind of information that website is selling two others. details ahead. plus, going after the cactus thief in scottsdale, arizona. someone is targeting the cacti. what are you doing for lunch?
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the number ston your screen.$6.99. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: facebook. the most popular social networking site in the world, said the idea that facebook is violating the privacy that they are abusing it is a pretty
7:50 pm
serious charge. five facebook users have filed a suit, claiming they violate privacy laws, but passing along their information to other companies. anita vogel is there. there is a privacy policy right there, is there not? >> what does it really say? that is the question? this lawsuit alleges that facebook is actually a data mining company that harvests information and then sells it to a third-party advertisers. there was an actress, a photographer, and a few students. they are demanding a possible jury trial, attorneys fees, and damages. meanwhile, consumer watchdog companies say that sites like facebook should be more up front with their members. >> the companies are complicit in this, and they have the responsibility to make it crystal clear how things are being shared and for what uses. >> now, as far as what
7:51 pm
information facebook is sharing, it could be anything from photosçç to posts to email ads is, anything that advertisers might find interesting to help them sell things. others are calling this lawsuit ridiculous. a tech blog points out that the members were consenting members of facebook and that they were socializing on the sides, but in direct -- intellectual property lawyers say that sites like facebook treat personal information as a valuable commodity. >> this is one of the ways in which a website like facebook can monetize their business, by selling this data, by collecting this data. this is very valuable data to advertisers to marketers. >> and attorneys add to the problem with that is that your information could end up with an advertiser that does not have a secure base, and then your
7:52 pm
information could be easily stolen. shep, back to you. shepard: anita vogel on the west coast. cell phones can do all sorts of things, but one feature behead really not thought about is turning on the oven. our lead story on our fox trip across america. new york -- he says when his telephone is near the oven, and he gets a call, it turns on the broiler. it started a small fire the first time. >> there was smoke from the oven. shepard: he is now waiting for the manufacturer to figure out what is wrong. louisiana -- shrimpers' on the gulf coast are threatening to keep their boats in court permanently if they do not get more for their catch. >> right now, the prices are falling. shepard: at the market, the shrimps sell for up to $4 a pound.
7:53 pm
missouri -- police in suburban st. louis are looking for a new breed of counterfeiter. >> apparently, they are taking a $5 bill with some sort of solution that they are watching b5 dollar bill with, and then they are transposing it with(="g devised to generate what appears to be a $100 bill. shepard: police say they have that four counterfeit incidents recently. arizona -- a homeowner in scottsdale is so sick of people stealing her cat died that she is installing a surveillance camera. >> it is shocking to see somebody out in the middle of the night, and digging up your cactus. shepard: the woman says she has lost 10 plants since last year. -- stealing her cat died -- cacti. today, we got word that longtime
7:54 pm
conservative columnist robert novak died after a yearlong battle with brain cancer. he was born in illinois and as a young man fought in the korean war. he found his voice early on, writing for papers like "the wall street journal" and "at the chicago sun-times," and if there was ever a man who enjoyed ruffling feathers, it was he. despite years in print and on tv, perhaps his greatest fame came late in his career when he revealed the name of the cia operative valerie plame. he later called it a long and a typical episode. years later, he worked as a commentator on fox. robert novak died today at the age of 78. .
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3g network built in. only 199.99 with mobile broadband plans from 39.99 i am-- speechless, envious. wanna be me right now. getting one. shepard: you know the water skiing squirrel video we tried out once a year. he has nothing on this little guy we are about to show you. here is the story a couple on vacation in canada posing for a photo when a squirrel jumped
7:58 pm
into the shot. they entered it into the contest. now the squirrel is all over the interwebs. now there is a program that let's you cut and paste that squirrel everywhere. here he is with bond, james bond. here he is out helping president obama possibly with some kind of health care advice. yeah, i don't know, i didn't do it. of course, here's the logical next step. i don't know what this is. he would probably make them cheaper. i'm going home. top story update now. just two days after or ahead of the country's election. palace convoy earlier. warning the president over health care. the 80 member congressional progressive caucus reports it will not vote for health care reform measure unless it includes a government insurance option. folks in beaumont texas are cleaning up after a twister
7:59 pm
ripped through a shopping mall. fortunately nobody injured. 1931 the flooded river in china peaked at a catastrophe that would claim the lives of nearly 4 million people. central and southern china had been in the midst of a brutal drought for two years. then the rains came. the vitally important rice crops destroyed. before long cities along the water ran out of food. reports of cannibalism and infan side. wives and daughters sold just to buy a meal. then came disease. many who escaped starvation. the flood considered the deadliest natural disaster in mankind history. those deadly waters hit a high point 78 years ago today. now you know the news august 18, 2009. jetta's last day before she goes to have a weap baby. there she is. you can't see it because she

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Mrs. Sandford 4, Amway 4, Afghanistan 4, Kabul 4, Taliban 3, America 3, Clinton 3, Facebook 3, New York 3, Brett Favre 3, Jennifer Griffin 2, Vogel 2, Gm 2, Ambien Cr 2, Lincoln Mercury 2, Hamid Karzai 2, Obama 2, Vogue 2, Us 2, Arizona 2
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